Aristocrat By Birth is a book owned by Sun-Hi that is first seen in S1EP8.

Description Edit

This is presumably a light romance novel. Takes place in France. All about aristocracy, the highest class in certain societies, especially those holding hereditary titles or offices.

Characters Edit

  • Marianne - The main protagonist, she is a member of the aristocracy.
  • Annabelle - The main antagonist, she is a member of the aristocracy. She is the twin sister of Marianne. They started out as rivals for François' love, and while it is unclear if Marianne saw it this way, Annabelle clearly had this mindset. Annabelle, who had always loved François, was very antagonistic towards Marianne and openly berated him for his seemingly naive attempts to romance François.
  • François - He is the object of Marianne and Annabelle's affections. His appearance looks like a male counterpart to Marianne. Although he and Marianne may not show it, but the two neighbors appear to harbour romantic affections towards each other. In the end, they get married.

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