Believe In Sun-Hi is a series of fantasy miniseries.

Characters Edit

  • Sun-Hi, voiced by Kate Micucci
  • Moon, voiced by Naoko Mori
  • Pan, voiced by Grey DeLisle
  • Hoon, voiced by Bobby Moynihan
  • Chan, voiced by Tara Strong

Episodes Edit

Alpha Season (1/4/2017 - 1/8/2017) Edit

Beta Season (1/9/2017) Edit

# Title Description
1 Episode 1, The Jumun Storm Sun-Hi, Pan, and her UFO Chan heads to SkyCon to meet their idol, Ki! Suddenly, Sun-Hi meets a mysterious figure named Moon, who accidentally created a Jumun, a powerful storm creature.
2 Episode 2, The Jumun Maniacs Sun-Hi and her allies meets Hoon, who decides to form a unit called 'The Jumun Maniacs'. But, Sun-Hi and Chan instantly runs into Ki, the ancient barbarian! 3 Episode 3, The UFO Tribes Chan the UFO is chosen... as the ANCIENT sacrifice in order to defeat the Jumun.
4 Episode 4, The Jumun Maniacs still manage to find their way home, and along the way, they make a new friend, Chunul.
# Title Description
5 After Chan's death, the Jumun Maniacs decides to recruit new allies.