[Miss Carr is seen on a stage holding a blank paper.]

Drama Teacher: Let's see what you can do, Miss Carr.

Miss Carr: Lights!

[Light spots on Miss Carr, she begins to act.]

Miss Carr: [French accent] I see an ancient sea nymph raising from l'océan. Un acier chauffé à blanc pierced the deepest artery of my being. Vous, vous êtes un chirurgien cardiaque et je suis votre patient de greffe et vous vous situez sur le point sur ma poitrine, tenant mon cœur bat encore! [Normal accent] The end!

Drama Teacher: Hmm... very good. But...

Miss Carr: But, what?

Drama Teacher: [deeply inhales] Let me say this... [Shouting] YOU LEAVE YOUR EMOTIONS AT THE DOOR! THIS IS DRAMA CLASS, NOT CHEER LEADING! YOU BETTER SHAPE UP OR SHAPE OUT! 'CUZ THIS IS THE BIG LEAGUE, SISTER! AND RIGHT NOW YOU'RE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE BARREL! [Calms down] Is there anything you like to add, Mrs. Ferguson?

Mrs. Ferguson: Only that we're making cuts today, and after that performance, someone's gonna have to be pretty bad enough for it to be you. Meaning, that's 2 nos, Miss Carr. You're going home.

Miss Carr: [Crying] NOOOO!! Mi corazón ardiente!