Searching Edit

[ Sun-Hi and Plim are walking in Rocky Mountain. ]

Sun-Hi: (Yawns) It's midnight. I swear that Tree was in this spot, I--

Plim: (Gasps) I saw something! Take a break. [Runs away.]

Dream Sequence Edit

[Sun-Hi exhales. She begins to dream shows the background of flames chanting quietly.]

Sun-Hi: [Sun-Hi floats into darkness and begins doggy-paddling.] Now how do I find that Tree?

[Sun-Hi falls through her subconscious. The ground splashes when he makes contact.]

Sun-Hi: My subconscious!

[Tree is grunting with effort. Her hands are surrounded by a portal, and she struggles to pull on chains.]

Sun-Hi: The tree!

Tree: Sun-Hi Song!

Sun-Hi: Why do you keep coming back into my subconscious?!

Tree: I can't get distracted, I'm trying to escape from this portal! *Struggling to speak* I've got to escape!

Sun-Hi: Wait! Tree, tell me where you are! We can help you!

Tree: I told you!I'm in you're *grunts* subconscious!

[Tree lets out a noise before being pulled into the portal. Behind Sun-Hi, a monster tree erupts from a door, gasping for air, with shackles around her hand. She falls on all fours, panting, then looks up to Sun-Hi.]

Goose Pimples: *Panting*... You...!

Sun-Hi: EEK! You're have a scar!

Goose Pimples: *Crawling towards Sun-Hi* You! YOU! YOU touched my TREE!

Sun-Hi: I'm sorry!

Goose Pimples: No! Noooooooo!

[She struggles against her restraints before being dragged back to where she came from.]

[Tree thrusts out of the portal, this time with the fruit from her leaves outstretched. Her body are tattered, and she collapses, grunting and gasping.]

Tree: *gasps* Can't you see? I can't stop. Not for a second. Don't look for me. Get out NOW!

Sun-Hi: But- !

Tree: Just let me do this for you're mind!

Sun-Hi: Tree...

Tree: No! I'm not a tree anymore...*Her branches wrap around her* I am the Tree of your Subconscious now.

Sun-Hi: Noooooooo!

(Tree slides under the portal with a whirlpool, and emerges behind Sun-Hi as a bigger tree.)

Tree of your Subconscious: [Grabs Sun-Hi, raising her arm to what was her lips.] Shhhh...

[The Tree throws Sun-Hi to the far side of a hallway.]

The Waiting Room Edit

[Sun-Hi stand up, walks around, shocked, and sees four souless wrinkled old people chained.]

Sun-Hi: Yo, people! How do we talk to the Tree of my Subconscious?

Soulless Crab: Oh, we can't leave. We're all chained.

Soulless Lady with glasses: This is your Subconscious. This chain is packed tighter than my tummy!

Soulles Cube Man: The Tree of your Subconscious will get you to leave you're Subconscious...

Soulless Worm Woman: (Coughs) Then, you will wake up and--

Sun-Hi: Nah! I'll just take a short cut!

[Sun-Hi floats upward.]

[Elements from real life, such as a cheeto, a pony, a blanket, and pillows float past.]

Sun-Hi: Okay, this is my Subconscious. So It is filled with nightmares. Uh... *Reaches into pocket* clown! *pulls out a small clown* Hmm...

[Sun-Hi floats into darkness and begins doggy-paddling.]

[A cloud arrives and reveals the Tree of my Subconscious.]

Sun-Hi: Tree! Yeah, why'd you lock us up?

Tree of the Subconscious: Goose Pimples was a cruel leader! I'm done being everyone's prisoner.

Sun-Hi: But, Tree--

Tree of the Subconscious: I am staying inside your mind... forever!

(Rubble shifts, Goose Pimple emerges from the rubble, falls to her hands and knees and attempts to flee, but Tree grabs her leg.)

Goose Pimples: Help...!

Tree of the Subconscious: Oh, no you don't!

Goose Pimples: NO! Don't banish me into the Cursed Realm!

Tree of the Subconscious: [Chanting] Mlaer esruc! Mlaer esruc! Mlaer esruc!

[Opens a portal, arms pulls Goose Pimples into the portal until only her face is visible.]

Goose Pimples: I can't -- I can't -- I can't --! WHO AM I?! [the portal closes]

[Dream ends.]

Dream Ends! Edit

Sun-Hi: [Wakes up] TREE!

= END =