Road Trip Edit

Miss Carr: Who wants to go in a road trip?!

Sun-Hi: Uhh?

Miss Carr: Well I gotta drive over to the next city; California.

Sun-Hi: I love California! I heard they have the best sandwiches!

Miss Carr: Right, the place named California. I met my cousin Hubert on an internet message board! He said that I can be on the next flight at 7! I just gotta meet him and pick up my pet Suerte!

Sun-Hi: Uhh...

Miss Carr: Well, do you like hotels?

Sun-Hi: Probably!

Miss Carr: Think you'd like to stay at a motel with your favorite lab partner?

Sun-Hi: I can't wait to get room service!

Miss Carr: It will have a pool and free food, and it's right next to the best diner in the world!

After Flight... Edit

[Sun-Hi and Plim is in a car while Miss Carr drives.]

Sun-Hi: [Sleeping] Donuts.. *yawn* pizza and pumpkins... [snores].

Miss Carr: Don't worry, amigos. The hotel is about 5 miles ahead!

= END =