TV Night... Edit

[The episode starts inside the living room, Sun-Hi and Plim are watching an episode of "Chili Temps".]

Plim: What's "Chili Temps"?

Sun-Hi: Man, you're gonna love it, Plim. When I was young, dad and I watch this from 1998 til 2000.

Plim: It's in black and white.

Sun-Hi: Let's watch the pilot episode!

Show Time! Edit

[The show begins. The scene begins in a mansion, the character Brittany standing by her mother.]

[Canned applause.]

Brittany's Mom: Oh my goodness, *Arms out.* Ms. Farrah is going to be here any second now! I can't believe, our first family fancy shamanic dinner party!

Brittany: But, mom...

Brittany's Mom: Butts are for pooping!

[Canned laughter plays in the background.]

Brittany: But mom, I don't wanna have a dinner party, I'm going to the mall tonight!

Brittany's Mom: Well, no mall, baby!

[Canned laughter plays in the background.]

Brittany's Mom: *Adjusts Brittany's buttons on her dress.* Let me just fix your tie, and-

Uh-uh: Stop fussing over Brittany like a baby!

[Canned laughter plays in the background. Uh-uh-rides down the stairs on a bike.]

Brittany's Mom: Uh-uh! What did I tell you about riding that thing in the house?

Uh-uh: Have fun at the mall, sister!

[More canned laughter. Mom stands up and grunts in frustration as steam blasts out of her head. Uh-Uh rides up the second staircase and mom chases after him.]

Brittany's Mom: I'm gonna get you!

Uh-uh: Bing! Bong!

[The two disappear above the stairs as the bell rings. Brittany runs to the door.]

Brittany: Just a second! *Opens door.*

(Behind the door is Marple Syrup. The audience whoops, whistles and hollers.)

Brittany: Maple Syrup!

Maple Syrup: *Sing songly, eyes closed.* America! *Her eyes open to smile at the camera.*

Brittany: What's up, Maple?

Maple Syrup: *Walks into the house* Hey, Brittany. You gotta come to the junkyard tonight! There's gonna be this big fiesta going on tonight.

Brittany: I can't go to that! It's our first family fancy shamanic dinner party, and Ms. Farrah will be here.

Maple Syrup: Wow. Ms. Farrah... Don't do anything I wouldn't do at school.

(Audience whoops and cheers.)

Brittany: Yeah!

Real World Edit

Plim: I don't get this sitcom, man, why don't she just run away from the party? Let's watch something else.

Sun-Hi: Wanna watch, Swamp Hunt?

Plim: What's that?

Sun-Hi: Well, it's this show about siblings hunting for monsters from the swamp. It's on 42.

Plim: Change the channel.

= END =