Tired Edit

[[[Sun-Hi Song|Sun-Hi]] and Plim are inside the middle of the supermarket.]

Sun-Hi: Alright. Let me just add three more drops of explosive peroxide.

Plim: It's midnight, can we go now?

Sun-Hi: Just hold on!

[She adds the explosive peroxide and a giant cloud shaped like a skull puffs out. Not a good omen.]

Sun-Hi + Plim: Oooo...

Sun-Hi: Guh! This isn't getting us anywhere. We can't even make a monster of our own!

Plim: Ugh, it feels like we've been searching for light years!

Sun-Hi: Monsters has control when they used there powers to destroy! Miss Carr said there is a monster in New York and we need a guard to destroy it.

Plim: We're gonna have to keep looking. But first, let's go home.

Sun-Hi: *Asleep on the floor of the ground, then sputters as he wakes up.* Huh, wha-? *Stands up, one eye slightly closed in grogginess, drooling slightly.* No, I'm- I'm- I'm fine!

Dream Night! Edit

Sun-Hi: We should be out there, searching! Not in here, not searching!

Plim: You look exhausted. Look, you can't really knock sleep until you try it. *Picking up pillows.* And maybe we can throw a little fun into the mix, with- *Throwing pillows on the floor* a slumber party!

Dream Pals... Edit

Sun-Hi: Now, before we get our slumber party started, *Picks up two pillows* would any of you care for a pilow?

Plim: I'm good. *Flops over onto her stomach, snoring.*

Sun-Hi: Then, I'll take this one.

Plim: Now, sleep.

Sun-Hi: *Switches to lie down on her front, pulls up a pillow to put beneath her head. Her eyes are half open* Am I doing it?

Plim: Well, that's way better than before. *Sits on his knees near Pearl.* But close your eyes all the way.

Sun-Hi: *Closes eyes.* Okay. *Nods her head on the pillow.* Alright. *Nods again.* I'm sleeping now. I'm sleeping.

Plim: Shh, no talking!

Sun-Hi: How is this even supposed to work?! New York is in danger! Now I must cloister myself in the supermarket and buy more corn serum and finish the equation to my explosive peroxide.

Plim: No! You need rest.

Sun-Hi: *Flops onto his stomach with an audible thump.* I'll just lie down, get nice and comfy, *Puts arms under head.* Don't move... *Speaking slower.* And don't think about aaaaanything... *Falls asleep*

Dream sequence Edit

[Sun-Hi floats around outer space.]

Sun-Hi: [Small groan] What??

Tree: (Quiet and distant): This is weird.

Sun-Hi: Hey, that sounds a lot like - !

Tree: Sun-Hi Song!

Sun-Hi: Tree! It's you!

Tree: What are you doing here?

Sun-Hi: Where are you?

Tree: This is my subconscious!

Sun-Hi: You're... subconscious? But, this is my subconscious!

Tree: What?

Sun-Hi: Uh, I know it's weird, but I'm just dreaming, so don't even worry about it.

Tree: What? No! Sun-Hi, I'm trying to concentrate! How are you here?

Sun-Hi: Oh my gosh, are you okay?

Tree: Sun-Hi, there's a virus looking for you!

(A huge, distorted laughing, disembodied mouth appears in the background. Sun-Hi wakes up.)

Sun-Hi: The tree!

Plim: I saw everything.

Sun-Hi: I don't, but... I could just feel it. She was yelling, and... she was really freaked out.

Plim: Is she still on Rocky Mountain?

Sun-Hi: Yeah!

Plim: Sun-Hi, you could be using your dreams to connect with her mentally. Tommorrow, we will go to Rocky Mountain and look for the tree.

Sun-Hi: Hang on, tree.

= END =